Each day at the market is like a big feast. Havre-aux-Glaces is no exception. Inspired by his sailing experience, Robert always refers to his employees as his crew and to Havre-aux-Glaces as his ship. For him, the crew, the friends and the customers are all part of the same large family. The idea of conviviality, of collective celebration around gastronomic pleasure is found in assorted log cakes, proposed by artisans. Candied fresh fruits, nougatines and macaroons garnish ice cream and sorbet confections on crackling almond, coconut and black chocolate cookies. With little beforehand, it is even possible to choose its personalized flavors. «When a frozen log or cake is bought here», Robert says, «it is meant to gather people together for a celebration.» *Available only in Jean-Talon Market.


Burnt Maple Caramel and Vanilla

Decorated with nougatine and first price Les créatifs de l'Érable 2008 Perfect mix of vanilla ice cream and maple burnt caramel.

Rasberry and Dark Chocolate 72%

Mango and Raspberry

Mapple and Pecan/Pear and Cider

Yule log

During Christmas time, frozen yule log can be order. Five to six varieties are available in differents sizes.

Easter egg

nder a crunchy hull of chocolate hides a mixture of ice cream and sorbet.

Christmas bauble

Under a crunchy hull of chocolate hides an ice cream or sorbet.

Valentine heart

Under a crunchy heart of chocolate hide a duo of ice cream and sorbet choco-rasberry.


The delicate assembly of a unique shell flavor, naturally colored, and of an original ice cream.