Ice Cream
The experiences of Havre-aux-Glaces artisans have a common goal : to simplify recipes of the industrial production and to operate a return to the basics of food production. For Robert and Richard, an ice cream or sorbet should always carry all the the qualities of the components. This is why they pay so much attention to the quality of the basic components with which they work. It is their top priority. The owners of Havre-aux-Glaces agree upon one thing : every ice cream consumer and customer must enjoy first the product he buys. The best example of this is their Macha that is prepared for those who like green tea and for nobody else.

Ice creams

Mapple and Pecan


Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate 72%



"Taste Pistachio creamery is decisive, it’s how we know if the dairy is worth or not.” Contains roasted pistachios.


Dulce De Leche

Literally, milk jam. Dulce de Leche is a spread, native from Latin America, made by condensed milk . Here, the San Ignacio is served in a custrad ice cream.

Maple's burnt caramel



For real fans. Camilia Sinensis' Matcha.

Apricot Milk

Mirabelle ice cream

Composed of a mirabelles jam, small yellow plum very fragrant, surrounded by a nature cream, Mirabelle ice cream has the soul of comfort.. From this emblematic fruit of Lorraine, the ice cream recalls the French culinary tradition.

According to their tendancy to innovate, Richard and Robert Lachapelle are inspired by tastes and colors of the products seen on the counters of the market after each arrival.Therefore, the market producers cooperate largely to the production of Havre-aux-Glaces. «Since our ice cream counter is provided with the same fruits as theirs», Robert says, «our sorbets are subject to the same risks and possibilities.» Havre-aux-Glaces’ philosophy is the following : the revival of the fresh fruits. No substitute to the clementine or sanguine orange or to the maple syrup is accepted here, but at least an attempt to the closest possible. Each sorbet contains as much fruit as possible. A mango sorbet is a mango, nothing else.


Melon and Orange Blossom

Previously crowning the bride, orange blossom is now married to biological Charentais melons, last of the season. Within this sorbet, Maghreb perfume stimulus perfectly the flavor of melon. To accentuate your gustatory journey, accompany it of pistachio ice cream!

Coconut milk

Goes well with a few drops of dark rum.

Pink Grapefruit

Try it with seafood. Our suggestions; pepper mackerel, Matane shrimp or caviar.


Refreshing granita all year. Always freshly squeezed. The lemon sorbet is excellent for summer cocktails.

Mirabelle Plum

A fruity alternative made of purée, leaving room for the delicacy of the fruit.


Seasonal sorbet, blueberry sorbet honors the bay by capturing its real intensity. Bay with a thousand virtues, fragrance is still the component we prefer.


Named best sorbet by Havre's customers.

Masala Chaï

Latte spiced tea ; cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, clove, pepper and ginger.


Mango Malaï

Inspired by the Indian Lassi ; yogurt, mango, passion fruit, bananas and spices.

Pear and Sortilège

Hex; liquor of dark golden yellow hue. Powerful nose that opens on maple dominant aromas. This is complemented by hints of brown sugar and whiskey. The palate is creamy and hints flavors of maple taffy.


Juicy fruit, delicate taste, from Ontario ... You guessed it, the nectarine sorbet is docked in Havre at the end of the summer.