Being constantly active and creative, Robert and Richard Lachapelle bought, in 2009, a maple grove. It gives them the opportunity to develop a new knowledge, that of maple products, to experiment, and also and mostly to control the quality of the basic products they are using. «I personally believe in small-scale production, in the «do-it-yourself» formula», Robert adds. «I am personally a consumer of my own production as well as my family and my friends.» He says : «I want only the best for the people I love, including my customers.»

Maple burnt caramel

Ice cream

Maple and pecan

Ice cream

Maple snow

Seasonal sorbet made with maple water.

Maple sugar

Once the maple sap was boiled at high temperature and a good knack, we have the wonderful maple sugar.

Maple Sirop

Fruit of a meticulous work and an ingredient of some products, it is available on the Jean-Talon Market until break of the goods.

Maple Square

Medal recipient of Nougatine and the first prize The Creative of the Maple 2008.